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Have you ever wondered that two visits to a doctor’s office, one to take an appointment and the other for the actual appointment, is a terrible waste of time in the twenty first century where almost everything can be done online?

But we are going to help you cut down that first visit to the doctor’s office by offering an online way to book your appointment. No more taking breaks from your office to book an appointment to see the doctor in the evening. Even after taking the appointment you do not have to wait in the long queue to see the doctor as you will be getting the real time updates on the progress of the on-going consultation.

In short we are going to make your life a little bit easier this way but that is all we can do folks!

Sounds interesting? Read on!

Did you know that many doctors do not allow appointments to be taken through phone? You will have to go to the doctor’s office in the morning to take an appointment for any session of that day. Appointments for no other days are also not allowed. What a hassle! Some people travel miles early in the morning to get an appointment and then spend the whole day waiting for the consultation. But with LetUsConsult you can cut down that terrible waste of time. Just by a click on your computer or by a tap on your mobile you can make appointments days ahead or cancel an appointment even at the last minute.


Going to a doctor’s office and taking a token for the consultation is soon going to be a thing of the past. You will get the token number in your mobile when you take an appointment online. If there are cancellations you will get an updated number. Want to jump ahead the queue and see the doctor? There are provisions for that too! With genuine reasons you can go up in the queue and see the doctor first when he opens his window.
Exciting, huh?


Doctors don’t have to take appointment calls or appoint anyone else to take them on his or her behalf. By using LetUsConsult, doctors can serve patients better and value their time also. Patients need not be at the doctor’s mercy to get an appointment anymore.
Great, right!


You will get real time updates on the progress of the consultations and average time taken for each consultation so you will know approximately how much more time it will take for your turn. So just relax and finish that cappuccino that you are having at the nearby café or the errands that you are running after while watching the real time updates on your mobile.


Attention to all the respected doctors out there, you have been doing a great job all along but by having LetUsConsult on your side you can serve your patients even better. This interface will be very easy to use with no additional work required. For every consulting period, you will be able to see the names of all the patients and by just a click of a button on your computer after each consultation you will be done. That is it! Is it not convenient? We are going to design LetUsConsult in such a way that both doctors and patients can use it easily. There will be no overhead for doctors, we promise! Demo can be arranged for all those doctors who sign up. You will be able to cancel all the appointments or even move consulting hours a little forward or backward and patients will be informed accordingly. You can take days off without causing inconvenience to patients. You can also set holidays and other personal days off on your calendar so that patients will not be able to book appointments on those days. Do you have multiple offices where you consult patients? No problem. LetUsConsult will help you set multiple offices and patients can choose where they want to see you.
Is it not that wonderful?


Patients can use our patient-friendly website, our app or give a phone call to us to book an appointment with a doctor. For registration all we need is your mobile number. If you call us you just need to tell us which doctor you want to see and if the doctor is within our network you will be added to the queue in the requested session. You will immediately get a token number through an SMS. If anyone is cancelling their appointment you will get an updated number. You will be able to book your appointments many days ahead and even cancel your appointments any time before the consultation starts. A very nominal fee for using this service, which is considered worth giving when you consider the time and hassle saved, will be added to the doctor’s bill and then you are done.

You will be amazed to see what we have done for you and your patients. Sign up today and receive a free demo of the site and the app when we are ready to go live!

For a few additional bucks you can save lot of time and hassle and you won’t be able to agree more once you start using LetUsConsult.

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